Anti-Fire Smoke Mask
Anti-Fire Smoke Mask
Anti-Fire Smoke Mask
Anti-Fire Smoke Mask
Anti-Fire Smoke Mask
Anti-Fire Smoke Mask
Anti-Fire Smoke Mask

Anti-Fire Smoke Mask

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Introducing the Anti-Fire Smoke Mask - Your Ultimate Protective Shield Against Dust, Fire, and Harmful Smoke

Ensure your safety during fires and emergencies with the Anti-Fire Smoke Mask— a reliable, efficient, and user-friendly protective solution designed to safeguard your well-being when it matters most.


Key Features:

  • Advanced 7-Layer Filter Design: This circular mask is equipped with a specialized 7-layer filter, soaked in a unique solution for optimal filtration performance.
  • Effective Smoke Protection: Your safety is paramount. This smoke-proof mask ensures you can breathe safely during evacuations, protecting you from harmful gases.
  • Comprehensive Gas Filtration: Through physical absorption and chemical bonding, this mask filters and neutralizes hazardous gases, including high Henry constant gases like hydrogen cyanide, sulfur dioxide, hydrogen chloride, sulfurous acid gas, formaldehyde, and ammonia.
  • Top-Notch Gas Mask Performance: Trust in the best gas mask performance available, providing you with peace of mind during critical situations.
  • Impressive Filtration Durability: This mask excels in filtering major harmful gases, offering prolonged protection:
    • HCN (Hydrogen Cyanide): Over 15 minutes
    • NH3 (Ammonia): Over 15 minutes
    • HCL (Hydrogen Chloride): More than 10 minutes
    • CO (Carbon Monoxide): Over 6 minutes

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