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GoDark® Slim Wallet

RFID Blocking Faraday Wallet

Blocks RFID Chip-Enabled Credit Cards. Protect your cards and IDs from digital theft with the GoDark Slim Wallet. Its sleek design fits in your hand while shielding your cards from RFID theft and prying eyes.

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Designed by Mike Adams
from Natural News
Made in the USA
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Key Fob Faraday Cage

In less than 30 seconds a car thief can steal your vehicle using an inexpensive relay box. Protect your car from fob relay theft by blocking all EMF signals to or from your keyless remote or key fob.

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Designed by Mike Adams

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Faraday bags are effective in blocking electromagnetic fields, thus preventing signals from entering or leaving the bag, safeguarding electronic devices inside from hacking, tracking, and EMPs.

Faraday bags are legal to own and use for personal privacy and security purposes.

Faraday bags are used to shield electronic devices from external electromagnetic interference and to prevent tracking or hacking.

A Faraday bag is needed for a phone to protect it from unauthorized access, tracking, and to ensure digital privacy.

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You need a Faraday bag to protect sensitive electronic devices from electromagnetic interference and to enhance digital security.

Using a Faraday bag for your key fob is advisable to prevent relay attacks and unauthorized access to your vehicle. Protect car keys from being scanned by storing them in a Faraday bag or a securely shielded location.

RFID blocking is specifically for preventing radio frequency identification (RFID) scanning, while a Faraday bag blocks all types of electromagnetic signals, including RFID.

A phone should not ring in a properly functioning Faraday bag, as the bag blocks all external signals.

Test your Faraday pouch by placing a phone inside and calling it; if the call doesn't go through, the pouch is working.

Yes, Faraday bags are designed to block all electromagnetic signals, including 5G frequencies.

You need a Faraday bag for your phone to safeguard it from external signal interception, ensuring privacy and protection against data breaches.

No, your phone cannot be tracked when in a Faraday bag, as it blocks all incoming and outgoing electromagnetic signals.

The lifespan of Faraday pouches varies, but with proper care, they can last several years; frequent use and wear can reduce effectiveness over time.

Yes, a Faraday bag effectively blocks WiFi signals, along with other forms of electromagnetic communication.

A Faraday bag is recommended for your laptop to protect against electronic eavesdropping, data theft, and electromagnetic interference.

Be Prepared for Anything

The Ultimate Survival Go Bag

Equip yourself with the ProsEquip Go Bag, your all-in-one solution for any situation. From emergency trade assets to robust power solutions, this comprehensive kit ensures you're ready for the unexpected.
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